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A Chosen People, and Circumsided: God Looks at the America (traduzione)

by Nico Carlucci

The Europeans do not know that a high number of Americans are circumcised. Some time ago I tried to explain this practice to anthropologists who blinded by the "universalism of history" have ended up not understanding what I was saying. In them it was assumed that those who were baptized could not be circumcised. In fact, the people of the U.S. knows, experiences of both rites.
This makes the Americans once again "exceptional" as the two costumes in the past and  different cultures, they even fought. Here I will try to explain the reasons that accompany this sacred practice.
I do not think the pseudo-scientific explanations that are given to justify the circumcision in the U.S.: Penis reasons of cleanliness, removal of the diseases and disorders.
This must be even more open eyes on the obviousness of culture and the implicit removal of the Sacred.

A brief history

In  the past some  tribes of Northen  Africa  "affected" their body. This is, for example, among the Egyptians who are affiliated to Ra, the Sun God, who had himself circumcised
In ancient Rome the Jews were circumcised called "curti" to underline the mutilation of their penis was going through the removal of the foreskin.
Israel sacrificed the male sexual organ par excellence, their "shoot flowered" ratifying, as the pact of alliance between God and his people "elected (Genesis, 17, 11-4).
The Romans, on the contrary, who had made the body their "essential wholeness", were far from this "divine offering" to which St. Peter's, for example, would not give up.
The origin of Christianity there was, in fact, a major dispute between Peter and Paul concerning circumcision and baptism. Which of the two rites would "initiate" the true Christian?
Paul won the greek-Roman world, and therefore no mutilation of the body, the baptismal water that ended up making participant in the collective life, at last, even women.
For Muslims, circumcision is an essential act of faith, recommended by Mahomet in the "Sunna", the sayings of the Prophet explaining the Koran. The origin of the rite can be traced back, as with the Jews, to Abraham that 80 autocirconcide years.

Protestants and Jews in the name of 'America

But Americans are WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) that Christians baptized yet their new baby is circumcised and is, thus, implicitly, the Company of Men. And 'yet Protestantism, in fact, in its various denominations, to have a majority in the U.S. (51,3 percent) despite the extraordinary success of other religions. They are the Wasp who hold power and exercise it and encode it in different sectors: industrial, economic, military, academic, social. Although the population in stars and stripes change color and is enhanced by new ethnic groups, the rules of Yankee culture, ultimately, are still those of the Founding Fathers: "He who will introduce the principles of Christianity in public affairs will change the face of world "(Benjamin Franklin, 1779). This happened yesterday, this happens today.
Bruce Springsteen sings during the presidential campaign this way: "It 's putting the best of human qualities - respect for others, self-honesty, faith in their ideals - that we are born as a nation in the eyes of God' so that our soul , as a nation and as individuals, occurs "-
America, while becoming is tied to its foundation myth that still weaves his political life to the religious roots, Christian and Puritan.
As pointed out Jean-Francois Colosimo God forms the country's civil society through rituals, dogmas, temples. And 'his symbolic vocabulary and "spectacular" ("God is American teodemocrazia the United States", Milan, 2009, JacaBook).
But Protestantism, you know, absolute, intersects with Judaism and becomes, well, in something else, different from Europe where he started, and even by the Judaism of the Middle East.
Jefferson refers to Israel in just his second inaugural speech and at the same time share of Puritanism.
Furthermore, to substantiate his candidacy, Barack Obama has also called on the biblical story of the output of the Jews from slavery. From all this we can understand why the Americans are a people of circonsisi and baptized.
Americans, therefore, done by people outside the country of their birth, settled in a new "promised land", land of abundance and blessing.
It 'a pattern of old and new Israel that dominates the American conscience, God's chosen people that is evoked when its President speaks also to justify the war. American people so that circumcised women are roughly a penis that is not.
The "corn flakes" Kellogg
John Harvey Kellogg (1852-1943) was a physician who has passed into history as the inventor of corn flakes supply from which the famous brand that bears his name. He was a doctor who worked for many years in a sanatorium.
Kellogg belonged to the religion of the Seventh Day Adventist, Protestant church and as the Jews observed the Sabbath as a day of divine rest.
The Seventh-day Adventist Church is for sexual abstinence and beyond, including alcohol, and tobacco should be avoided.
Kellogg became hard supporter of the principles of his Church. Like others, believed that circumcision would prevent masturbation by reducing, in his opinion, sexual stimulation. Inventing the corn flakes, Dr. Kellogg believed their own to fight this practice "solo" of American males who carried asthma, insomnia, to epilepsy.
From vegetarian nutritionist, paradoxically added to the diet even "penaut butter," the peanut butter very common in American pop culture.


In the current debate is also the point of view of those who oppose this practice. Some people, for the first time in America, speaks about the ablation of the prepuce, mutilation, a costly sacrifice of the male body, violence becomes "unjust" if he is the child having to suffer.
They won, however, those who insist that circumcision serves to clean the penis, to prevent disease.
They return to play the rules of the Sacred, the coordinates that redefine the model of "White Anglo Saxon Protestant" is now attacked from many sides, internally and externally: the last stock market crisis, the election of a black president, the ' desire to reform health care for all, the attack on the Twin Towers, the advance of China.
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